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what's a FURNDWARE?

Come and find out...

A membership based recording studio and session spot in Oak Cliff

FURNDWARE is a creative environment that brings together a community of musicians interested in making relevant and innovative forms of musical expression.  Our goal is to become a widely used and viewed broadcasting point for the deeply talented music scene in Dallas and beyond.  

We are a small but extremely well equipped recording studio, session spot, rehearsal space and live stream venue that operates on a membership model.  The idea behind membershipping the studio is to give users access to players, as well as the space and equipment.  We are a place to get loud, manufacture sounds, interact with a diverse set of talent and generate interesting and relevant content to send out to the world.

How it all Started

FURNDWARE was started when a small group of neighbors from Oak Cliff occupied a vacant apartment inside a historically and socially rich West Jefferson Boulevard building.  After spending many nights, with drinks in hand and ideas flying around the pink neon light filled room, we knew we needed to open it up to the world.

We are excited for you to join us and we are looking forward to building a community of players that make the world more interesting.

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