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FURNDWARE Terms and Conditions
  1. FURNDWARE is a creative environment that brings together a community of musicians interested in making relevant and innovative forms of musical expression.  Our goal to become a widely used and viewed broadcasting point for the deeply talented music scene in Dallas and beyond. All members and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that supports this culture. FURNDWARE reserves the right to revoke, suspend or refuse membership or access to any member or guest at any time.

  2. No one may access the studio without a member/host present.

  3. Only the FURNDWARE engineer may reroute, move, or access gear.

  4. All issues with or damage to the equipment or the studio space must be reported to FURNDWARE staff before the end of the session. Any damage to the studio or equipment that is not normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the session host.  Damages will be repaired by the studio and charged to the host within one week of the incident.

  5. No open containers are allowed on or near audio equipment.

  6. No smoking is allowed inside the studio.

  7. FURNDWARE has a no refund policy.

  8. It is the responsibly of the session host to return the space to good condition. All trash is to be discarded and all glassware is to be placed in the sink.

  9. All guests must obtain a parking pass from the host if they wish to use the gravel parking lot at the rear of the building.

  10. Live streaming and the use of video and still camera equipment must be approved by and operated by FURNDWARE staff.

  11. Going live from personal mobile devices is allowed and does not require approval.

  12. All sessions require the booking of a FURNDWARE engineer. Outside engineers are welcome, but must be attended by FURNDWARE staff.

  13. All requests for session setup that varies from the standard studio setup requires 24 hour advanced notice and that the session members arrive 30 minutes prior to session start time

  14. Session host is responsible for bringing a hard drive for file transfer at the end of the session.

  15. FURNDWARE will keep session files on our system for 24 hours.  After that they will be deleted.

  16. Please identify the desired session format (DAW) 24 hours prior to arrival.

  17. Members may reschedule their session with a minimum of 24 hour advanced notice.  Each member has 3 opportunities to reschedule a session with less than 24 hours notice.  After the 3rd occurrence of a short notice cancelation the session will not be rescheduled. Members will be charged a $100 fee for any session rescheduled within 4 hours of the scheduled start time.

  18. There is a strict limit of 10 people per session.  Additional event rates are available upon request.

  19. FURNDWARE reserves the right to reschedule/reserve studio time for the purposes of marketing and in-house events. More than 1 weeks notice will be given and accommodations will be made to facilitate  convenient access for members.

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